Sunday, July 1, 2007

Daisies on a Monday.

There has been a lot of sadness and loss and death and mourning around us, some our own and some of those we care about. There is a lot of numbness and asking of the tough questions. This morning, as I was out watering the flowers in our front yard, the sight of the daisies in our flower garden just made me so happy. Broke through the sadness, if only for a few moments. The daisy is so beautiful in its simplicity. That little hue of purple around the center of these sun daisies....just brought to my mind that God is a God of details. A God who thinks of every last thing. And He will sustain. He hasn't forgotten us, nor has He turned from us. In fact, He promises that He is working all these things for our good...for the good of those who are mourning and hurting and have lost. The same God who Hand-crafted these daisies down to the very last minute detail has Hand-crafted a plan to stitch together all of these circumstances and tragedies for our good and for His glory. So today, on a Monday in July, I am thankful that God used these daisies to remind me of His power and His faithfulness and His immense, immeasureable love for us.