Thursday, March 1, 2007

Spring Break.

Today is the official start to my university's spring break. Now, I wish that I could say that this photo is my handsome husband and I in a swanky resort in the Mexican Riveria enjoying sun, surf, snorkeling, shopping, and......well, lots of other "s" words that may not be totally appropriate topics for a family-oriented blog! :) But the reality is, this photo was actually take a couple of year's ago at my brother's wedding near Cancun. This year, spring break for us this year simply means a week at home without going to work.....and it really is OK with me. It is a change from routine, the freedom to play with play-dough a little more and spend more time during the day cuddling under a blanket with my kiddos and maybe spending a little more time just being quiet and creative...just being. Yes, the sun and water and culture would be great medicine for my soul right now in the middle of a busy semester.....but so is some extra time with my family. I am, however, planning a little "Family Adventure" for later in the week....a two-day family getaway for some rest and fun. The really fun part about planning this trip has been...that I am the only one who knows where we are going and what we are doing. So far, I have been giving my daughter daily hints to see if she can figure it out, though this is a place that we have not been before. So far, I have given the following hints: 1) It involves animals.2) It is NOT a zoo.3) My daughter' kindergarten teacher has been there before.4) It is in Michigan.