Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Good Message.

This is a layout I did that was just recently honored as one of the week's favorite designs over at ScrapinStyle, an on-line artist community in which I am involved. This is Kennedy at 3 years old, playing in the rain. Enjoy.

Savoring Saturday Pleasures.

Today has been the kind of Saturday that I love. Sleeping in until 9:00 and then cuddling for another hour with my kiddos in bed. Getting up to a crispy bright fall morning, with just the right touch of chill in the air. Today, I am celebrating so many simple pleasures, things like......Peanut butter toast and spicy warm chai for breakfast;2 hours of kid-free time browsing Hobby Lobby;Spending a gift card at Jo-Ann's--thanks, Kelli and Jason--I got lots of new scrapbooking goodies and the cutest little pin cushion!Lunch out at Olive Garden, savoring lunch with a new scrapbooking magazine (Play);A yummy Chai Chill, my new favorite drink at Beaners (skim with no whip makes it OK!);A victory for my Michigan Wolverines!;Time with my 3-month old niece...savoring her silky skin and sweet baby coos;Yummy spaghetti pie for dinner, coupled with whole grain garlic bread;Watching my husband wrestle with my kids out on the front lawn;An e-mail from my daughter's first grade teacher telling us that she has already far surpassed the END-of-the-year reading goals for first grade, so she will be working in a special enrichment program. You Go, Sweet Girl!Our first fire of the year crackling in the fireplace tonight;Enjoy tomorrow.....worship, rest, and thank God for His rich blessings. Sweet, sweet dreams.