Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back-to-School Approaching.

It must be back to school time for my kids....How do I know? Because I had my first "Mommy anxiety" dream of the year last seems that every year, as I prepare my kids and myself for a new school year, I start having a series of dreams about the first day. Last year, as Kennedy was getting ready to start kindergarten, I remember dreaming that she got on the wrong school bus and I was hopping from bus to bus, trying to find her but I couldn't.Last night's dream was about first grade....I dreamed that I took her to school and she was put into the worst teacher's classroom. And, to make matters worse, I forgot my camera!! Then, she didn't know anyone else in her class and I showed up to the first day wearing only my bathing suit. would old Freud interpret that one?For the most part, I love back-to-school time. I love shopping for new supplies, picking out new backpacks with my kids, choosing that special outfit for the first day. Waiting for the letter that says which class they are in. The impending start of fall and Friday night football games and school picnics and all the newness that comes with starting a new year.Tomorrow, I am leaving with my daughter for an overnight school shopping trip. This is something that my parents did for us and I am so excited to begin it with my daugther. We are going to stay in a hotel, go out for dinner to wherever she chooses, pick out new supplies and new clothes, and just hang out together. It is a special way to mark the ending of summer and the beginning of a new year. She will be going to school all-day every day for the first time this year, so it is a big step for both of us. I'm a firm believer in spending one-to-one time alone with each of my children ( and for my husband to do the same) so I am looking very forward to this time with just she and I. When my son starts first grade, I plan to start the same tradition with him....or maybe he would prefer shopping with Dad, we'll just have to wait and see!Tuesday has been pretty normal around here....playing, a meeting, tidying up, paying some bills. Tonight, we are on for karate lessons and then my monthly card-making group. I'm looking forward to some creativity time and them hopefully a relaxing evening. I wish you Tuesday's simple pleasures.